Summer Music and Arts in South Huntington

Cast members of “Golly Gee Wiz’ performing one of many song and dance numbers popularized by the Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland Hollywood film musicals of the 1930s and 40s.
Members of the ‘Rock Band’ classes came together for some memorable songs that highlighted the closing performance.
Summer Theater Program director Linda Hulley (back to camera) thanks her student volunteers from the summer theater program.
Whitman’s professional dance studio awaits our fortunate students in all grade levels.

Our Music and Arts Camp ended strong last week with students and staff engaged in end-of-season performances. The energy level and creativity were high as another year of summer memories were established and camp coordinators Allan Deitz and Frank Yolango brought the season to a close. On Thursday evening, families and the community gathered in Whitman’s air-conditioned PAC for dance and music performances that highlighted the many camp offerings that distinguish our Arts program here in South Huntington. The Summer Dance Program, directed by Priscilla Velazquez featured dancers from our youngest through middle school. The Summer Theater Program, directed by Linda Hulley, highlighted Thursday evening’s performance with the musical “Golly Gee Wiz.” The hallways surrounding the PAC were filled with art that included sculpture and photography.

On Friday morning, the last day of camp, families gathered for performances that accentuated dance and music by our talented campers. The morning concluded with performances by students in the Rock Band classes directed by Robby Deitz and Vinnie Muscarella. Congratulations to our students and staff who once again exemplified the exceptional arts programs in South Huntington.

Summer Music and Arts Program Staff:  T.J. Adams, Robby Deitz, Dennis Pettas, Elizabeth De Monte, Linda Hutley, Greg Modelewski, Shannon Murray, Vinnie Muscarella, Samantha Roldos, Courtney Schmaeling, Priscilla Velazquez, Sarah Weiss and Nicole Mihalik.

Student Volunteers: Tyler Zeoli, Megan Montemurro, Keara Shea, Marco Chiriboga, Samantha Carey, Jake Cartisano, Kyle Brown, Grace Noonan, Abbie Yaeger, Jasmine Haug, Megan Kramer, Sophie Ross, Keira Conlon, Jewels Panarello, Erin Conlon, Eamon Murray, Brenda Mendez, Kaitlin Riha, Amina Sadiq, Amanda Riha, Emily Riha, Johnique Aiken, Michaela Grosso, Tess Anderson, Katie Nodel, Alexa Beaubrun, and Kira Steffen.

The South Huntington Summer Music and Arts Camp is one of our areas best kept secrets, but word is spreading and students from other communities are experiencing the popularity of one of Long Islands ‘Best Summer Camp Deals.’

See You Next Year!


Summer Reading Program 2016 - I Reached 100 Points!

Click Here to let us know that you have finished the Summer 2016 Reading Program and reached 100 points. 



Minds of The Future

Students started with simple programming commands, like turning right, or turning left, or moving forwards or back-wards.
Our Coding Camp students thought creatively and learned how to program their own stories, games, and animations.
Students let their imaginations run wild and learned programming basics with Scratch through interactive storytelling.
Their summer camp t-shirts proudly claim that these students let their imaginations run wild and learned programming basics that will open new doors of opportunity.

Coding Camp was a huge success this summer for students in grades K-6.  Students experienced a summer camp adventure with Dash and Dot robots where students raced them around the hallways, hosted a fashion show, and even held a Dash and Dot wedding ceremony. Students programmed Dash and Dot to control their movements using Blocky, a programming language that is similar to Scratch and snaps together like puzzle pieces. Students started with simple commands, like turning right, or turning left, or moving forwards or back-wards. They then added in making noises at events such as when you pick them up, or when they reach a destination. Students made Dash go in circles, around sharp corners, and navigate a maze.

Other programs the students interacted with were:, Scratchjr, and Google CS First. Google CS First is a Scratch programming course for kids that introduces essential building blocks behind object-oriented programming through creating fun, interactive stories and simple games. Students let their imaginations run wild and learned programming basics with Scratch through interactive storytelling. Our Coding Camp students thought creatively and learned how to program their own stories, games, and animations, as well as how to share their creations on the web.


Superintendent's Response to the Comptroller Audit

Please use the link below or see the attachment for Dr. Bennardo's response to the New York State Comptroller's audit.

Superintendent's Reponse to Comptroller's Audit and Full Audit Report

Summer Sports Camp

This young camper is grabbing all that summer has to offer.
Our counselors grab a quick photo as many will soon depart for college campuses.
Inside or out, there was plenty of activity.
The recreation session in Whitman’s south gym gave campers age appropriate fun while next door in the south cafeteria our cheerleaders were fine-tuning their performance.
Lacrosse coach Lisa Christiansen (center back) ran an action packed afternoon putting her campers thru live action drills.

Our 2016 Wildcat Sports Camp comes to a close tomorrow Friday, July 22 after four very successful sessions that began in the end of June. The Whitman campus was alive this afternoon with indoor and outdoor action as boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, cheerleading, and recreation all were actively having a great time. Thank you again to our camp directors and counselors for another great summer!

Dual Language Summer Institute @ Oakwood

While their students were enjoying the first several days of summer vacation, many of our Dual Language and ENL teachers headed back to school to learn new and effective ways to engage and support their bilingual students.
The District provided three full days of professional development programs designed to improve academic success as students develop literacy in two languages.
Courtesy of Title III Funds, South Huntington’s Dual Language Summer Institute provided a wealth of materials and information to strengthen our programs and help students attain English proficiency.

On the first three days of summer vacation, 20 Dual Language and ENL teachers headed back to school at Oakwood Primary Center, learning ways to engage and support their emergent bilingual students as they develop literacy in two languages.  Using Title III Funds, the district provided three full days of professional development with Enid Martinez, our outstanding K-2 balanced literacy consultant. We would like to thank or dedicated teachers who volunteered to attend and the South Huntington Teacher Center that provided lunch for the participants. 


6th Grade Experiment Launched to International Space Station!

Space X-9 had a successful launch from Cape Canaveral Florida toward the international space station. Onboard is a unique student experiment from students at Stimson Middle School.
SSEP students from Stimson Middle School; Hussain Babar, Dylan Cellamare, Jacob Veeder, Leo Mustitano, Richard Kurjanski prepare their experiment for launch (missing from photo is Stephan Tsolis)
Stimson student Richard Kurjanski traveled with his family to attend the launch at Kennedy Space Center this morning.

A team of middle school students from South Huntington launched an experiment with Space X-9 from Cape Canaveral Florida toward the international space station on Monday morning July 18th.

The team, rising 8th graders Hussain Babar, Dylan Cellamare, Richard Kurjanski, Leo Musitano, Stephan Tsolis, and Jacob Veeder, were in Mrs. Carol Kelly’s 6th grade science class when they conceived the idea to find out if polymer beads can clean laundry in zero gravity.  Their findings could help astronauts clean their clothes on the International Space Station, and in the future, on the moon or Mars.  A mission patch designed by rising 7th graders Mia Stampfel and YiMei Potzinger is traveling to the International Space Station with the experiment. The patches will be certified as having flown in space and returned to display in South Huntington after the flight is completed. 

The team is part of a select group of students who are launching experiments through the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP).  One other Long Island District – Wyandanch - also has an experiment aboard Space X-9.  “The district is thrilled to support the amazing work of our young science students,” said Dr. Jared Bloom, South Huntington’s Assistant Superintendent. “We are all inspired by their work and commitment!”

“Over the next few weeks, our students will monitor the progress of their experiments in space and conduct ground experiments that will serve as controls,” said Mari Scardapane, South Huntington’s STEM Coach. “The experiment is scheduled to be returned from space on August 10.   That’s when we will find out if their results will help astronauts keep clean in space.”

The SSEP is a national science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program undertaken by the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education in partnership with NanoRacks LLC, which is working with NASA under a formal Space Act Agreement as part of the utilization of the International Space Station as a National Laboratory. 

District-wide Drinking Water Testing for Lead Analysis Report


Summer Spotlight News



Independence Day Video Blog

The latest edition of the South Huntington Video Blog is now posted on our YouTube channel.
You can view it on the web at

Walt Whitman High School Eighty-Sixth Commencement

After "the turning of the tassel” as led by class of 2016 Valedictorian Misha Patel, the guys dispensed with their hats altogether.
BOE members steered a steady ship and are ready for the commencement ceremony to begin signifying the end of a successful school year. Left to right: Ms. Linda O. LaCara, Ms. Laura B. Carey, Ms. Lisa Brieff, Mr. Jim Kaden, Ms. Michele R. DeGaetano, Mr. Edward Nitkewicz, and Mr. Nicholas Ciappetta.
“Once you are educated, no one can ever that that away from you. Education is not a given, it is an achievement.” - 2016 class Salutatorian Gabrielle Ramirez.
“Whitman is such and accepting community. I cannot think of a better place to learn to express myself without fear of judgment. To become the best version of myself. To have made lifelong friends. To call home.” - Valedictorian Misha Patel
On behalf of the class of 2016, president Juan Gonzalez Contreras made the presentation of the class gift.
Employees of the school district are invited to present the diploma to their graduate. Here, Valerie Abbene shares a priceless smile with her mom.

You couldn’t have asked for a better morning in which 458 Whitman seniors began the next step in their lives. Students, guests, and family members heard from Board of Education President Jim Kaden, District Superintendent Dr. David Bennardo, and Whitman Principal John Murphy, who gave is first Whitman commencement speech. The two-hour ceremony also featured Whitman’s GSO President Millicent Le Clair; Senior Class President Juan Gonzalez Contreras; Salutatorian, Gabrielle Ramirez; and this year’s Valedictorian, Misha Patel; who, along with their 2016 senior classmates, began a new and promising chapter in their young lives.

Photo Gallery


Island Photography Video Slide Show:


Congratulations Class of 2106:

Valerie R. Abbene, Jonathan Acevedo Torres, Antonio Alexander Aguaiza, Ayesha D. Ahsan, Catherine Aiello, John Alexander, Henry Alfaro, Edwin Alfaro-Ulloa, Carlos Alvarenga, Josseline Alvarado Hidalgo, Jack R. Angevine, Thibaud M. Antoniou, Antonio Aparicio, Mario Aparicio, Keeyse R. Aparicio-Morales, Rory R. Apollonia, Ariane Apostle, Keni Araujo, Celina Arevalo Morejon, Jason A. Argeseanu, Kimberly Argueta, Sophia Marie Avella, Frank Nicholas Avila, Muaz Azhar, Prasanu Banerjee, Pritesh Banerjee, Jessica Noelle Bansbach, Waris Nabi Barakzai, Joseph S. Barletta, Pascale Barreau, Elizabeth Maria Barrios, Keya Sophia Bartolomeo, Sonia Isabella Bartolomeo, Hans Andru Millan Bas, Kelly A. Baumann, Iridian Basquez Orellana, Lauren M. Beaubrun, Kimberly Amanda Bellissimo, Nikolette Lynn Bellocchio, Aleczandrya Bergeau, Addison Michael Bermudez, Kyle Bernstein, Tyrese Henry Betts, Aparna Bhardwaj, Wyatt Biedermann, Kevin Bishop, Alexandra Bitter, Kyle Bogert, Jeremy Bombace, Marguerite Jade Bonhomme, Angibeth Bonilla, Gena Botrous, Robert Anthony Bottoni, Patrick Brady, Shane Brennan, Kaela Elizabeth Bresnan, Jacob Adam Bronson, Alania Bryan, Joseph Buckshaw IV, Colin Mykola King Budzitowski, Kareem Burns, Andrew Caballero, Jade Alexandra Calderon, Viridiana Nicole Calvillo-Conejo, Nicole Paige Cambria, Elvin A. Campos, Jessi Campos, Michelle Campos Lopez, Christopher Canales, Margarita Marie Canales, Margarita Canas, Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Deanna Caparatta, Jammie L. Capozzo, David Cardenas Monares, Arianna Victoria Carlson, Rene Castro, Gabriella Cerrito, Victor Chae, Fabrizio Adrián Chamorro, Bucho Charles, Frantz Edward Charles, Aris Elizabeth Chavez, Arashdeep Cheema, Eldridge Faranah Chery, Nicolas Chiusano, Kirk William Christensen, Nicholas Richard Cirillo, Gary Cisneros Campos, Jeison Collado Rodriguez, Izhia Collier, Kelly A. Collins, Sean P. Conklin, Kelly M. Conlon, Kerry Ann Conlon, Riley Conlon, Jonathan J. Consolo, Yenifer Cordova Palma, Blayke Lauren Cory, Abriel Coulter, Katherine R. Cox, Leah Rose Cozart, Anniah Cruz, Edgar Cruz, Jacqueline N. Cruz –Benitez, Nicholas D'Aiuto, Lauren D'Alessio, Nicolette Marie Dalia, Jeremy James Dalimonte, Kepherd Royce Daniel, Christopher Davila, Emily Syian Davis, Kyle M. Davis, Tyshawn A. Davis, Nicholas E. De Blasio, Kelsey De Rosa, Spencer A. De Rosa, Daneshka Decene, Shannon P. Decker, Danielle Dellaccio, Nicole Deluca, Caitlin Anne Dermody, Michael A. Di Maulo, Kristina Aurora Diaz, Michael Diaz, Sindy M. Diaz, Djounlie Dormilien, Zachary Thomas Dougherty, Ryan Dowling, Julia Paige Drum, Jiaxing Du, Javier O. Dubon, Kashaf UL Duja, Dre shon Dunlap, Cassandra Rosemarie Eaches, Stephanie M. Echevarria, Shahzel Ehsan, Ahmad A. Ejaz, Steven Nicholas Emproto, Robert J. Eng, Catherine A. Escobar, Jeremy Enrique Escobar, Joseph J. Esposito, Dillon Jay Feinman, Destineé Lashay Felder, Elizabeth A. Fernandez, Daniel Francis Fiordalisi, Theodore Marcus Fisher, Louis Flores, Manuel Flores, Marwin Flores, Isela, Flores Gonzales, Alexa Morris Follo, Taylor Fox, Francisco J. Fuentes Alegria, Megan Paula Gallagher, Eric Christian Garcia, Idalis Garcia, Marielis Garcia, Stephanie Garcia, Yasmin Estefani Garcia- Saravia, Reina I. Garcia Ulloa, Thomas Alkiviadis Garone, Kyle Gault, Andy Gavrielatos, Joshua Aaron Gerson, Angelo Michael Gervasio, Colin Michael Gilmartin, Amanda Paige Glaser, Peter Globuschutz, Susie Glover, Matthew J. Goldstein, Jennifer Gomez, Manuel Gomez, Alec R. Gonzalez, Esther M. Gonzalez, Kimberly Elizabeth Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez Contreras, Laura Grajales, Jeffrey Granados Chavez, Shawn Grandoit, Alexandra Nathania Greaves, Sabrina Greenberg, Shayna Alexis Greene, David A. Grey, David Grimadeau, Lauren Ann Groser, Jaysin Jose Guerrero, Jordyn O. Guerrero, Douglas Robert Guida, Delaney Zane Guiliano, John Haffner, David Charles Hamilton VI, Kayla Hampton, Bryan Hankins, Javeria Haque, Tyrone Alexander Hardy, David M. Harris, John B. Harris, Samantha Joanne Hartig, Jefferson D. Hector Jr., Austin Charles Hennings, Haydee Sarai Hernandez, Jocelyn I. Hernandez, Witman Hernandez Fernandez, Giovanni Michael Herrera, Antonio A. Hidalgo, Cristian E. Hidalgo, Michael L. Hoang, Liliana A. Hoffman, Samantha Hopper, Sarah Elizabeth Horan, Amani Alexandra Howard, Jeffrey Interiano Portillo, Renaldine Jaboin, Mohammad Harris Jalili, Destinée C. James, Gleisy Jaramillo Cardona, Nicoil Jarrett, Joshua James Jimenez, Sarine Joy Kabarajian, Barbara Kahl, Jack, Richard Karmen, Joseph A. Kaye, John Anthony Kehoe, Abdullaha Khan, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Jenna Nicole Kilkenny, Marina Grace Kilkenny, Rachel Catherine Kilkenny, Matthew Louis Kleet, Jacob D. Klein, Joonho Ko, Amanda Nicole Koch, Emma Helene Kongevold, Camila Maria Korobow, Wayne W. Koziatek, Mason Kraese, William Kraus, Tyler T. Kurban, Dean G. LaGonterie, Corina Noelle Lambraia, Kevin P. Lanwes, Zachary Adam Lanz, Derek Matthew Lap, Millicent Love Le Claire, Catherine Lee Ledbetter, Sky Dakota Lemke, Emily M. Lettis, Rosalie Nicole Libardi, Alicia D. Litt, Krystal Lareese Lloyd, Anastasia Lodato, Christina M. Lofaso, Alison Lombardo, Dominick Lombardo, Salvatore Nicholas Lomino, Jessica Lopez, Joselin Lopez Fuentes, Carol Lopez Garcia, Michael Anthony Lorello, Kevin C. Lupton-Gonzalez, Cheyenne Isabella Madrid, Marrion J. Mahadeo, Hamza Mahmood, Candise J. Maldonado, Madison Deborah Anne Malone, Melissa L. Manie, Jacqueline Mancia, Eric Mann, Scott Donald Manning, Sophia Rose Marcoccia, Umer Marghub, Douglas Jay Marr, Jason Marseille, Eric Martiniano, Yehia Marzouk, Jonathan Matuza, Courtney Elizabeth Mayer, Edward Rocco Mc Guigan, Faith Danielle Mc Intosh, Avery Mc Kenzie, Twary K. Mc Kenzie, Dylan J. Mc Nally, Nicholas Mc Nulty, Eliza Melendez, Carol Ashley Melhado, Jose Ernesto Mendez Espinal, Jessica Marie Menditto, Matthew Tyler Merbitz, Elizabeth M. Mercurio, Rumeysa Nur Mete, Eve E. Metzger, Carlos Meza, LaNeysha M. Midgett, Natalie Taylor Migliore, Amanda M. Moletz, Katy Molina Jimenez, Ellysandra L. Monegro, Andrew Monrroy Abrego, Megan Marie Montemurro, Ariana Monterroso, Alma J. Monterroso Valdez, Benjamin Paul Cohen Morales, Devhan Morales, Samuel Morales, Daniel Moreira, Diliana Sarai Moreira, Jason Moreira, Maybelline Nicole Moreira, Kimberlyn Moreno, Jesse Marie Morra, Samuel V. Musitano, Anali T. Nanavati, Michelle C. Nardelli, Nicole Nancy Naughton, Mia Navarro, Kayla Neiland, Keith A. Nieves, Angelica Nicole Novok, Cynthia Nunez, James J. O' Connor, Christina O' Donnell, Colin J. O' Hara, Brandon A. O' Rourke, Taylor H. O' Rourke, Zannia Lalee Ojibe, Zenab Chisom Ojibe, Melanie Hannah Olinsky, Kyla Elizabeth Oliver, Rudy Yanes Orellana, Diana Paulina Ortega, Lauren Elizabeth Owens, Erick Pacheco, Alexandra N. Palladino, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Nicholas Pasquini, Christopher James Pasterak, Milan Sureshbhai Patel, Misha Patel, Tania Paz, Rose M. Pedretti, Leopoldo Pensa III, Olivia Perez, Halison Perez Sandoval, Willie Lee Petro Jr., Emily Faythe Petrone, Roseberte Pierre, Margaret Pigliacelli, Ricardo Portillo, Liam Portmore-Davies, Pamela R. Pulvirenti, Jonathan Quintanilla, Wendy Quintanilla Rivas, Aksa Qureshi, Dylan A. Racaniello, Gabrielle Luz Ramirez, Inpreet Rattu, Johann Moisés Renderos, Madison S. Repetti, Delanna Richardson, Julianna Kendall Richter, Geysen Rivas Campos, Shamel Robinson, Brittany M. Roche, Claudia Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez, Kelvin Rodriguez, Mishael Rodriguez, Nicolas Benjamin Rodriguez, Vincent Rodriguez, Johanna Rodriguez Mejia, Wendy Rodriguez Mejia, Fatima Lizeth Romero-Flores, Giselle Romero, Mario Ruiz, Dillon Safran, Verdelle B. Saint-Jean, Austin Michael Salas, Umaimah S. Saleemi, Kevin Jair Salgado, Joseph Sallitto, Nicole Samba, Letitia Mary Sammut, Nicholas J. Sanchez, Marisa Joy Sanquini, David Santos Sanches, Jeramy Saravia, Jason Ryan Saslaw, Francesca Scafidi, Brett Andrew Schankin, Jesse E. Scheiner, Matthew Paul Schindler, Donald R. Schweizer, Sarah Scott, Justin Orlando Seda, Roninio Senatus, Christopher J. Senecal, Colin C. Sherland, Yukari Shiraishi, Jonathan Silverman, Selena Natalia Skrepek, Jannon Smith, Dylan W. Sobina, Sudhakar Sood, Anna Jiselle Sorto, Marcos E. Sorto, James Stander, Matthew D. Stockfeder, Cole Ryder Stolte, Kerventz Sully, Colleen Elizabeth Sweezey, Zanaira Tariq, Vanisha Taylor, Alana Thurer, Sergio Toledo, Samantha Toscano, Haley Madison Tract, Yvette H. Trinidad, Andrea C. Umana, Jennifer Zuleyma Umana, Kiran M. Usmani, Joseph T. Van Seggen, Andrew John Varisco, Josue Vasquez, Ariel Velasquez, Jennifer O. Velasquez, Raymond P. Vidal Jr., Cristian Villanueva, Angel Alberto Villatoro, Carlos Luis Villatoro, Christopher Villatoro, William Villatoro, Clarissa I. Villatoro, Danny Vilorio, Jose Vilorio, Zaria T. Vinas, Julizza Vivas, Lauren M. Vocke, Carolanne Michelle Wadulack, Sohrab Wahab, Summer Wahab,  Heather A. Walker, Joseph D. Ward, Moesha Watson, Kolette Grace Marie Watts, Joseph Michael Weindling, Ashley Nicole Weisser, Brittany Rose White, Sabrina White, Rachel Nicole Williams, Thao Philomena Rose Williams, Gricelda Yanes, Olivia N. Zakarin, Michelle H. Zambrano, Jacob Michael Zappulla, Skyler Jean Zenie, Tyler A. Zeoli, and Jack Michael Zuckerberg.

Senior Awards Night

Congratulations to these and many more outstanding senior students who were awarded scholarships recently. Photo gallery has more photos of our seniors.

As is tradition, the last Board of Education meeting of the school year is reserved for a special salute to many of our outstanding senior students. These scholarship awards are from private and community organizations and foundations that embody their ideals to the good fortune of our seniors. It was standing room only as the South Huntington community converged on the performing arts center at Walt Whitman High School. Congratulations to the following students and their families.

Photo Gallery

Amanda Smith Memorial Award   Taylor Fox

ALIVE Outstanding Student Academic Scholarship Samuel Morales

ALIVE Outstanding Student Scholarship Izhia Collier

ALS Ride For Life Scholarship Christopher J. Senecal

Andrew Garafalo Memorial Scholarship Douglas Robert Guida

Appliance World of Huntington Community Service Award Julianna Rose Pasquarello

Arbitration Forum, Inc. Dependent Scholarship Dylan J. Mc Nally

Arturo Toscanini Lodge #2107, Order Sons of Italy in America, Excellence in Italian Award Thao Philomena Rose Williams

Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technology Scholarship   Hans Andru Millan Bas, Jeremy Bombace, Brandon O'Rourke

Athletic Director Scholarship Matthew Louis Kleet, Christina M. Lofaso

Birchwood Intermediate School PTA Fran Hyde - Career in Education Scholarship Faith Danielle McIntosh

Birchwood Intermediate School PTA John Smith Vocational Scholarship Hans Andru Millan Bas

CAP Scholarship Doris Davidson Stewart Memorial Scholarship    Izhia Collier

Cohen's Children Medical Center Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

Colgate Games Scholarship Alexandra Nathania Greaves

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Edgar Cruz

Company H 119th NY Volunteers Historical Association Richard 'Chuck' Heroux American History Memorial Scholarship   Jack Richard Karmen

Conrad G. Hecht Memorial Scholarship Cory Carter

Councilwoman Susan A. Berland Overcoming Obstacles Award for Excellence in Education Tyrese Betts

Countrywood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Emily Rodgers Twary K. McKenzie

Countrywood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Frank Zauner Waris Nabi Barakzai

Danielle Alduino Memorial Scholarship Michelle C. Nardelli

Daughters of Ridgewood Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

DECA Chapter Officer Certificate of Excellence Elizabeth A. Fernandez

DECA Outstanding Service Award Natalie Taylor Migliore

Donald A. Pius Scholarship Megan Paula Gallagher

Donn Haber Sportsmanship Award   Theodore Marcus Fisher

Dr. Janet Vergo Memorial Scholarship Jason Ryan Saslaw

Dr. Marie-France Cambronne Memorial Scholarship Julianna Rose Pasquarello

Eileen Hanna Memorial Scholarship Shayna Alexis Greene

Faye E. Robins Future Educators Scholarship Angibeth Bonilla

Frank Gugliotta Memorial Basketball Scholarship Dylan J. McNally, Matthew D. Stockfeder

Friends of the South Huntington Library Scholarship Gabrielle Luz Ramirez

GE/Reagan Foundation Scholarship Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Millicent Love Le Claire, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Haley Madison Tract

GEICO Family Scholars Award Scholarship Lauren M. Vocke

Gerard J. Buckenmeyer FASNY Volunteer Scholarship Robert J. Eng, Julianna Rose Pasquarello

Gershow Recycling Environmental Conservation Scholarship Julia Alexandra Canigiani

Henry L. Stimson Middle School/Silas Wood PTA Paul O'Brian Scholarship Christopher J. Senecal

Henry L. Stimson Middle School/Silas Wood PTA Scholarship Diana Paulina Ortega, Ashley Nicole Weisser

Huntington American Legion Post 360 Citizenship Award Theodore Marcus Fisher, Umaimah S. Saleemi

Huntington American Legion Post 360 Music Medal  David A. Grey, Umaimah S. Saleemi

Huntington Boy's Club Soccer Scholarship   Zenab Chisom Ojibe, Austin Michael Salas

Huntington Lions Club Award Scholarship    Gabrielle Luz Ramirez

Huntington Manor Fire Department Chief Ernest Kannig Sr. Scholarship Angelo Michael Gervasio

Huntington Manor Fire Department Chief Peter A. Nelson Scholarship Brett Andrew Schankin

Huntington Manor Fire Department Explorer Post 1650  Colleen Elizabeth Sweezey

Huntington Manor Fire Department Firefighter Lloyd Coughlin Scholarship Emma Helene Kongevold

Huntington Manor Fire Department Firefighter Nicholas Marzan Scholarship Amanda M. Moletz

Huntington Manor Fire Department Honorable Chief Richard Holst Scholarship Robert J. Eng

Huntington South Side Civic Association Scholarship   Jesse E. Scheiner

Island Photography Community Builder Award Juan Gonzalez Contreras

Jack and Helen Carman Memorial Music Scholarship  Derek Matthew Lap

James Dolan Family Scholarship  Amanda Nicole Koch

James Reilly Memorial Scholarship  Michelle  C. Nardelli, Carolanne Michelle Wadulack

Janet’s Loving Gifts Foundation Catherine Aiello

Jennifer Rosoff Memorial Scholarship Julianna Rose Pasquarello

Joan Davidsohn Memorial Scholarship Rose M. Pedretti

Jodi Cohn Memorial Scholarship Courtney Elizabeth Mayer

John Anthony Mecurio Memorial Scholarship Victor Chae

John David Fresco Memorial Scholarship Sudhakar Sood

John Thomann Memorial Scholarship Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Jesse E. Scheiner

Jordan Schumann Memorial Scholarship Shayna Alexis Greene

Jostens/Long Island Recognition Award Julia Paige Drum

Ketewamoke Chapter Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizenship Award Emma Helene Kongevold

Knight of Columbus Glendale Council Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

Korea Times Scholarship Joonho Ko

Kris DiMaira Scholarship  Gabrielle Luz Ramirez

Legistlator Steve Stern Achievement Award Nicolas Benjamin Rodriguez

Long Island Blood Services Scholarship Julia Alexandra Canigiani

Long Island Community Foundation Dr. Robert & Olga Van Tauber Scholarship Witman Hernandez Fernandez, Emma Helene Kongevold

Long Island Scholar Artist Award for Dance Melanie Hannah Olinsky

Long Island Teachers' Benevolent Fund Austin Michael Salas

Luke Avolese Basketball Scholarship Matthew Louis Kleet

Luke Avolese Football Scholarship Angelo Michael Gervasio

Magne Cum Laude Musicae Derek Matthew Lap

Maplewood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Andrew Garafalo Alexandra Nathania Greaves

Maplewood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Hal Roehmer Sarine Joy Kabarajian

Maplewood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Howard B. Link Cheyenne Isabella Madrid

Marie Cuthbertson Memorial Scholarship Carol Ashley Melhado

Matthew Giannuzzi Memorial Scholarship Nicholas E. De Blasio

Maurice Levenbron Law Humanities Award Henry Alfaro, Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Edgar Cruz, Christopher Davila, Taylor Fox, Matthew J. Goldstein, Edward Rocco Mc Guigan, Avery Mc Kenzie, Rumeysa Nur Mete, Rose M. Pedretti, Dylan A. Racaniello, Anna Jiselle Sorto

Michael S. Curtin Citizenship Award Keeyse R. Aparicio-Morales, Lauren M. Beaubrun, Jeremy Bombace, Marguerite Jade Bonhomme, Angibeth Bonilla, Shane Brennan, Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Nicholas Richard Cirillo, Gary Cisneros Campos, Christopher Davila, Kyle M. Davis, Spencer A. De Rosa, Shannon P. Decker, Caitlin Anne Dermody, Steven Nicholas Emproto, Amanda Paige Glaser, Juan Gonzalez Contreras, Sabrina Greenberg, Lauren Ann Groser, Delaney Zane Guiliano, Cristian E. Hidalgo, Michael L. Hoang, Mohammad Harris Jalili, Nicoil Jarrett, Joseph A. Kaye, Rachel Catherine Kilkenny, Emma Helene Kongevold, Corina Noelle Lambraia, Zachary Adam Lanz, Krystal Lareese Lloyd, Courtney Elizabeth Mayer, Dylan J. McNally, Carol Ashley Melhado, Jessica Marie Menditto, Elizabeth M. Mercurio, Eve E. Metzger, Natalie Taylor Migliore, Megan Marie Montemurro, Christina O' Donnell, Erick Pacheco, Wendy Quintanilla Rivas, Inpreet Rattu, Madison S. Repetti, Brittany M. Roche, Giselle Romero, Marisa Joy Sanquini, Jason Ryan Saslaw, Jesse E. Scheiner,Matthew Paul Schindler, Sudhakar Sood, Cole Ryder Stolte, Haley Madison Tract, Carlos Luis Villatoro, Jack Michael Zuckerberg

Michael T. Corcoran Memorial Scholarship Emma Helene Kongevold

Mike Feeney Scholarship Haley Madison Tract

Moureen Daugherty Annual Scholarship Nicoil Jarrett

Munistat Services, Inc. Scholarship Diana Paulina Ortega

National School Development Council Award for Academic Growth and Student Leadership & Learning Jason A. Argeseanu, Rose M. Pedretti

NEFCU 2016 Make a Difference Scholarship Haley Madison Tract

New York State Comptroller Student Achievement Award Juan Gonzalez Contreras, Emma Helene Kongevold, Millicent Love Le Claire

Northrop Grumman Scholarship Amanda M. Moletz

NY Conference of Italian American State Legislators Scholarship Rose M. Pedretti

NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence  Jason A. Argeseanu, Keya Sophia Bartolomeo, Hans Andru Millan Bas, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Joonho Ko, Michael Anthony Lorello, Hamza Mahmood, Amanda M. Moletz, Ellysandra L. Monegro, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Misha Patel, Rose M. Pedretti, Gabrielle Luz Ramirez, Thao Philomena Rose Williams

NYS Triple "C" Award Skyler Jean Zenie

Oakwood PTA Paul A. Lyle Scholarship Scott Donald Manning

Oakwood PTA Scholarship in Honor of Sheila Montague Jenna Nicole Kilkenney

Presidential Service Award – Gold Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Katherine R. Cox, Ahmad A. Ejaz, Joshua Aaron Gerson, Angelo Michael Gervasio, Liliana A. Hoffman, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Corina Noelle Lambraia, Zachary Adam Lanz, Millicent Love Le Claire, Amanda M. Moletz, Anali T. Nanavati, Michelle C. Nardelli, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Gabrielle Luz Ramirez, Jason Ryan Saslaw, Christopher J. Senecal, Haley Madison Tract, Thao Philomena Rose Williams

Presidential Service Award – Silver Catherine Aiello, Rory R. Apollonia, Jacob Adam Bronson, Cassandra Rosemarie Eaches, Taylor Fox, David A. Grey, Sarah Elizabeth Horan, Sarine Joy Kabarajian, Dean G. LaGonterie, Hamza Mahmood. Carol Ashley Melhado, Matthew Tyler Merbitz, Eve E. Metzger, Verdelle B. Saint-Jean, Marisa Joy Sanquini, Ashley Nicole Weisser, Jack Michael Zuckerberg

Presidential Service Award – Bronze Valerie R. Abbene, Keya Sophia Bartolomeo, Joseph Buckshaw IV, Kirk William Christensen, Kerry Ann Conlon, Nicholas E. De Blasio, Kashaf UL Duja, Derek Matthew Lap, Rumeysa Nur Mete, Ariana Monterroso, Jesse Marie Morra, Nicole Nancy Naughton, Misha Patel, Rose M. Pedretti, Inpreet Rattu, Jesse E. Scheiner, Kiran M. Usmani, Brittany Rose White, Rachel Nicole Williams, Skylar Jean Zenie, Tyler A.  Zeoli

Principal's Community Service Scholarship Zachary Adam Lanz

Principal's Volunteer Service Award Ahmad A. Ejaz, Katherine R. Cox, Liliana A. Hoffman, Millicent Love Le Claire, Amanda M. Moletz, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Haley Madison Tract

PTA Achievement Award for Special Education Roninio Senatus

PTA Achievement Award for All Around Student Thibaud M. Antoniou, Rachel Catherine Kilkenny, Jason Ryan Saslaw

PTA Achievement Award for Art Valerie R. Abbene

PTA Achievement Award for Business Colin Michael Gilmartin

PTA Achievement Award for English AP Jessica Noelle Bansbach

PTA Achievement Award for English Honors Jacob D. Klein

PTA Achievement Award for English Regents/Elective Classes Izhia Collier

PTA Achievement Award for ENL Jeison Collado Rodriguez

PTA Achievement Award for Math Honors Alec R. Gonzalez

PTA Achievement Award for Math Regents Skyler Jean Zenie

PTA Achievement Award for Music & Dance Jessica Marie Menditto, Megan Marie Montemurro

PTA Achievement Award for Physical Education/Individual Competitive Sports Avery McKenzie

PTA Achievement Award for Wilson Tech Louis Flores

PTA Achievement Award for World Language Ellysandra L. Monegro

PTA Achievement Award Science AP Ahmad A. Ejaz

PTA Achievement Award Science Honors Jiaxing Du

PTA Achievement Award Science Regents/Elective Classes Keeyse R. Aparicio-Morales

PTA Achievement Award Social Studies AP  Laura Grajales

PTA Achievement Award Social Studies Elective Carolanne Michelle Wadulack

PTA Achievement Award Social Studies Regents Jose Ernesto Mendez Espinal

PTA Achievment Award for Special Education Celina Arevalo Morejon

PTA Council Academic Scholar Award Keya Sophia Bartolomeo,Julia Paige Drum, Taylor Fox, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Hamza Mahmood, Amanda M. Moletz, Zenab Chisom Ojibe, Misha Patel, Rose M. Pedretti, Gabrielle Luz Ramirez, Colleen Elizabeth Sweezey, Thao Philomena Rose Williams

PTA Council Athletic Award Emma Helene Kongevold, Michael Anthony Lorello

PTA Council Citizenship Award Catherine Aiello, Robert Anthony Bottoni, Michelle C. Nardelli, Zannia Lalee Ojibe, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Verdelle B. Saint Jean, Nicole Deluca, Shayna Alexis Greene, David A. Grey, Millicent Love Le Claire, Rosalie Nicole Libardi

PTA Council ENL Award Angibeth Bonilla

PTA Council Environment Award Jack Richard Karmen

PTA Council Performing Arts Award in Dance, Drama or Music Sonia Isabella Bartolomeo, Tyler A. Zeoli

PTA Council Robert J. Flathmann Jr. Vocational Award Nicholas D'Auito

PTA Council Special Education Award (George Leitel) Courtney Elizabeth Mayer

R.U.T.H. Family Scholarship (Retired Teachers Harborfields) Andrew John Varisco

Ridgewood Times News Weekly Msgr. Sherman Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

Roberto (Bobby) Callegati Have a Heart Memorial Scholarship Michelle C. Nardelli

Robin Weiner Memorial Scholarship Julianna Rose Pasquarello

SAANYS Scholarship Millicent Love Le Claire, Haley Madison Tract

SCMEA Scholarship - Career in Music Education Tyler A.  Zeoli

SCOPE Education Services Scholarship Rose M. Pedretti

SEPTA Special Education Scholarship Megan Paula Gallagher, Destinee Lashay Felder

SHEF Miles for Michael Memorial Scholarship Hans Andru Millan Bas, Claudia Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez, Jesse E. Scheiner

SHEF Peter Dillon Memorial Scholarship Michelle C. Nardelli, Colin J. O' Hara

Sheila Montague Memorial Fund Scholarship Ariana Monterroso

Sons of American Revolution Bronze Good Citizenship Medal Michael Anthony Lorello

South Huntington Basketball Club Matthew Brian Gianuzzi Scholarship Dylan J. Mc Nally

South Huntington Paraprofessionals Association Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth A. Fernandez, Jesse E.  Scheiner, Sudhakar Sood, Haley Madison Tract

South Huntington PTA Council Howard Kauf Memorial Scholarship Achievement in Alternative High School Marcos E. Sorto

South Huntington PTA Jane Martin Memorial Scholarship Brittany Rose White

South Huntington Retired Teachers' Association- Juanita Sohn Monahan Memorial Scholarship Emma Helene Kongevold

South Huntington Teacher's Association Scholarship Catherine Aiello, Hans Andru Millan Bas, Kimberly Amanda Bellissimo, Nicholas Richard Cirillo, Millicent Love Le Claire, Amanda M. Moletz

Stanley Weglarski Scholarship Michelle H. Zambrano

Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone Public Service Award Millicent Love Le Claire

Suffolk Legislator Lou D'Amaro Citizenship Award Patrick Brady

SUNY Step Award Scholarship Zannia Lalee Ojibe, Zenab Chisom Ojibe

Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Marguerite Jade Bonhomme, Katherine R. Cox, Claudia Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez

Teresa Kochan Memorial Scholarship Cheyenne Isabella Madrid

The Benjamin Blair Memorial Scholarship Jessica Lopez, Roninio Senatus

The Billy Lucatuorto Scholarship Antonio A. Hidalgo

The Guggenheim Young Artists Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

The Herff Jones Believe in You Scholarship and Principals Award Michelle C. Nardelli

The Joseph Toles Foundation Scholarship Kayla Hampton

The SADD Leadership Award Kashaf UL Duja

Town of Huntington Scholar Athlete Award Robert Anthony Bottoni, Zenab Chisom Ojibe

Tri-Community & Youth Agency Joseph A. Martone Scholarship Matthew Ryan Merbitz

United States Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award Kelly A. Baumann, Jeremy James Dalimonte

US Marine Corps Distinguished Althlete Award Alexandra Nathania Greaves, Avery Mc Kenzie

US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis for Musical Excellence Jefferson D. Hector Jr., Megan Marie Montemurro

US Marines Corps Scholastic Excellence Award Joonho Ko, Rose M. Pedretti

Video Yearbook-Dustin Garfman Award for Editing Excellence Douglas Robert Guida

Vincent Migliore Memorial Scholarship Jason Ryan Saslaw

Wally Protass Memorial Scholarship Jason Ryan Saslaw

Walt Whitman High School Alumni Football Scholarship Robert Anthony Bottoni, Nicholas E. DeBlasio

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Computer Graphics Jason Marseille

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Dance Inpreet Rattu

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Drawing Cynthia Nunez

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Fashion Design Alicia D.  Litt

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Painting Marisa Joy Sanquini

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Theater Delaney Zane Guiliano

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award for Video Production Hans Andru Millan Bas

Walt Whitman High School Art Recognition Award of Photography Jesse Marie Morra

Walt Whitman High School Arts Development Fund Scholarship for Art  Nikolette Lynn Bellocchio

Walt Whitman High School Arts Development Fund Scholarship for Dance Sonia Isabella Bartolomeo

Walt Whitman High School Arts Development Fund Scholarship for Instrumental Music Brittany Rose White

Walt Whitman High School Arts Development Fund Scholarship for Vocal Music Carlos Luis Villatoro

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, 12th Grade Kevin Bishop

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, 12th Grade Kiran M. Usmani

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Nicholas Richard Cirillo

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Kepherd Royce Daniel

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Jefferson D. Hector Jr.

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Catherine Lee Ledbetter

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Inpreet Rattu

Walt Whitman High School Award for Perfect Attendance, Grades 9-12 Zaria T. Vinas

Walt Whitman High School Chorale Award Tyler A. Zeoli

Walt Whitman High School Girls Leaders Club Exceptional Leader Scholarship Catherine Aiello, Nicole Deluca, Sarine Joy Kabarajian, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Emily M. Lettis, Natalie Taylor Migliore, Amanda M. Moletz, Nicole Nancy Naughton, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Misha Patel, Rose M. Pedretti

Walt Whitman High School Humanitarian Award Taylor Fox

Walt Whitman High School PTA Academic Scholar Award Anali T. Nanavati, Lauren M. Vocke

Walt Whitman High School PTA Achievement Award in ENL Rumeysa Nur Mete

Walt Whitman High School PTA Achievement Award in Performing Arts Katherine R. Cox, Derek Matthew Lap

Walt Whitman High School PTA Achievement Award in Special Education Robert J. Eng

Walt Whitman High School PTA All Around Student Award Julia Alexandra Canigiani, Douglas Robert Guida, Matthew Tyler Merbitz

Walt Whitman High School PTA Athletic Award Colin J. O'Hara, Christina M. Lofaso

Walt Whitman High School Symphony Orchestra Award Margaret  Pigliacelli

Walt Whitman High School Voices of Whitman Award Delaney Zane Guiliano

Walt Whitman Wildcat Marching Band Parents Association Scholarship Kimberly Amanda Bellissimo, David A. Grey, Brittany Rose White

Walt Whitman High School World Language Honor Society Service Award Anali T. Nanavati, Hamza Mahmood, Claudia Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez

Walt Whitman Women's Choir Award Jessica Marie Menditto

Woman's Fund of Long Island/1st Annual Leadership Scholarship Amanda Nicole Koch

Walt Whitman Wildcat Booster Club  Addison Michael Bermudez, Amanda Paige Glaser, Alexandra Nathania Greaves, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Michael Anthony Lorello, Matthew Tyler Merbitz, Jesse Marie Morra, Colin J. O' Hara, Zannia Lalee Ojibe, Christopher James Pasterak, Rose M. Pedretti, Christopher J. Senecal

Walt Whitman Wildcat Booster Club Gold Key Zenab Chisom Ojibe, Matthew D. Stockfeder

Yearbook Editing Award of Excellence Valerie R. Abbene


Whitman's 30th Reunion Set


The 30th Walt Whitman High School Class of 1986 reunion date is Saturday September 17th, 2016, 6pm-11pm. The reunion will be held at The Melville Marriott and we have arranged special group rates for alumni traveling in from out of town.

For additional information and tickets please contact:

Ron Seifried at:

Trina Doris-Lydon:

Please go to this link for ticket sales and event details


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